I would take another 10 hour bus ride just to see this Reno bookstore again…

When I walked in, I was home. 


I could easily make this post about my complicated relationship with Greyhound bus lines and why I will pay closer attention to weather warnings next time I travel, but I’d rather save my typing energy to praise the best spot in Reno-and arguably, the best bookstore I have been to yet. If you need a break from all the eating, gambling, and drinking in downtown Reno, head to midtown to appreciate a novel sanctuary.

The inside of Sundance Books and Music is the image I suspect many book lovers have in mind when they talk about living in a dream house brimming wall to wall with novels. From the moment I laid eyes on the white pillared building I knew I was in love. When I walked in, I was home. Each room in the two story shop is organized by genre, making it easy to get lost browsing dozens of paperbacks in the style of  your choice. Not only do all the shelves ignite the page turner’s excitement, but they also invite the reader to stay a while and sink into one of the convenient couches or chairs provided in every corner.

Quick to fall in the literary trap, I anchored myself in a small wooden chair near a window and passed the time among Fiction. At first, I was upset the man at the front desk took my backpack for safekeeping, but understood the moment I began basking in the peace of the quiet room, that it would be very easy to snatch a book in a place of this size. So in the spirit of the good nature, the law, and supporting independent bookstores, I paid my $9.00 for a pocket sized copy of To Kill A Mockingbird to read on my bus ride home.

If I had not traveled special to Reno to see a friend and didn’t need to return to San Francisco the next day, I would have moved into the store and stayed forever. Although SF has it’s own killer share of local bookstores, I find myself dreaming about Sundance when I glance at my own small shelf collection and wish to be comforted by the smell of old wood and pressed paper once again.


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