The SF Super Run 5k Supports Community Superheros

My partner in crime and I sport our cute capes.

Today I joined a mass of cape clad runners near the Palace of Fine Arts to enjoy five kilometers of SUPER fun jogging in support of the real life heroes working with charities such as: The Children’s Heart Association, Everybody Walk, and The American Association for Cancer Research.  Runners of all ages and superhero fan bases lined up to walk or run the seaside San Francisco Bay Trail which offered an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the fog. Some kids no more than six years old were dressed as their favorite superheroes, running alongside their parents, embracing an active lifestyle. Considering the amount of time kids spend in front of the TV, it was really refreshing to see the large amount of little ones participating. However, it wasn’t so cute when they were able to run past me-supposedly in my prime-while I was breaking for air. Oh well… (Props to my running buddy for her patience.)

I’ve never gotten this many free goodies at a run before!

We recovered after the race with a generous amount of goodies including granola bars, fruit, and sponsored samples of Kevita Kombucha, Muscle Milk, and Crave Jerky while patting ourselves on the back for starting the day right with some exercise so we had a good excuse to eat a huge lunch. Overall, it was a perfect day for a run, sunny, with a slight breeze, and the low competition environment made for a relaxing Saturday morning. The Super Run is a great time for runners of all levels and will surely leave you smiling.

To see if your city is on the Super Run list visit:

Our view during the run.

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