Pressed Juicery Freezes Are The Delicious Guilt Free Dessert You’ve Been Waiting For

I am always looking for ways to satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth. The other day while window shopping in the Westfield Mall in San Francisco, I stumbled upon Pressed Juicery where I finally met what I dare say is the perfect dessert. Pressed Juicery freezes taste just like frozen yogurt except they are 100% dairy free (for those of you who are vegan or have a hard time digesting lactose) and is made with only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and cacao- if you get the chocolate flavor.

Live from the Westfield food court SF… my juice freeze!

I didn’t give it a second thought and watched in delight as the barista topped my treat with ripe raspberries. I couldn’t believe I was getting my sugar fix while also consuming some of my daily servings of fruits and veggies! I’ve never felt this good about eating a dessert before in my life. Seriously, how can “healthy” taste so amazing?! I’ll definitely be back for more soon.

The best part is, Pressed Juicery has locations all around the united States. You can see if your city is graced by fresh juices and freezes by visiting their website.



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